We provide only those services, skills, and abilities that have long been proven to get results in the context of U.S.-German relations. Our specialization and experience is put at your disposal in order to quickly and efficiently advancee your trade and investment projects.

Cost Saving

Our services drive costs down, because you do not have to have qualified personnel on your payroll for the limited requirements associated with establishing business relations with Germany. You simply take advantage of our services on the basis of projects that are limited in scope and duration. As soon as those are completed, no costs are incurred anymore.


Our services are always customized to the specific requirements of each individual client. One-size-fits-all solutions are an alien concept to us. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the specific requirements and objectives of our clients, individual and customized services are provided. There are no two projects alike.


We are solely committed to you, our customer. Special interests of communities, cities, trade promotion agencies, companies and other players are scrutinized to determine whether they are compatible with your goals. We generally take a cooperative approach towards third parties. However, developing the most advantageous strategy, solution and implementation for you is always at the center of our attention.


We attach great importance to the personal factor. At the outset of a project, we will thoroughly discuss your requirements and ideas in an in-person meeting, and continuously stay in contact with you throughout the project. The results of our efforts are also largely based on personal interaction with interlocutors known to us for a long time.


We offer you a one-stop-shopping experience if you so desire. This is advantageous to you for several reasons. First of all the project is designed more clearly, because you only interact with one external service provider, who either provides the services himself or coordinates them with third parties.

This results in lower demands on the administration of the project and in sum to cost reductions. In addition, confidentiality regarding sensitive company data, and the project at hand, is better protected if you cooperate with only one partner.


We offer qualifications and skills that have been proven in practice for many years. They particularly extend to counseling, communication, strategy development and project management. Our qualifications and skills have continuously been employed in the context of relations between the USA and Germany.


We offer exclusivity in so far as we only work on few mandates at a time. This ensures that your project receives the attention it deserves at all times.


In order to present solutions which are closely aligned to your specific needs, we request insight into your company. This requires a leap of faith on your part. We will justify your trust in us by treating all insights confidential: during the project and beyond.


For the duration of the project, we regard ourselves as part of your company. However, at your request we also provide sustainable assistance beyond completion of a given project. We maintain relations with varying institutions and their representatives. With some people in our network we have successfully cooperated in the past and established goodwill. This we can capitalize on to advance your project. You can at all times rest assured that your interests take center stage. We are loyal to you without reservation.