Market Entry Strategy

The market entry strategy can encompass the following aspects:

  • market research
  • export potential
  • site-related factors
  • competitive environment
  • financial incentives
  • economic environment
  • political environment
  • naming of trade partners

Trade Promotion

We support you with the following:

  • designation of possible markets
  • finding trade partners and foreign distributors
  • list with detailed contact information of potential wholesalers, intermediaries and retailers
  • naming of trade partners with confirmed interest in imports or exports
  • liaison with authorities
  • organization of logistics chain
  • handling of visa formalities
  • interpretation in the context of contract negotiations
  • contract negotiations on your behalf


We provide the following services:

  • pointing out of market potential
  • identification of location-specific advantages
  • description of the surrounding economic environment
  • description of legal/regulatory provisions
  • description of political factors
  • search of most-advantageous place for relocation of production
  • search for conducive environment for the relocation of research & development
  • overview of financial incentive programs
  • determination of chances, risks and options for action
  • concrete recommendations
  • contract negotiations
  • business registration


We assist you with the following:

  • counseling regarding all communication aspects in the host country
  • implementation of your business strategy
  • government relations
  • networking with representatives of authorities, politics, economics and public
  • representation of your company
  • positioning of your themes in national, regional and local media
  • interim management for external communication


We help you by providing the following:

  • general overview of the regulatory environment
  • naming of legislation and regulations relevant to your company
  • preparation of a roadmap to meet regulations
  • identification of regulatory bodies and precise points of contact, including contact information
  • direct lobbying among regulation bodies


Examples of the scope of services:

  • support of all event formats
  • budget planning
  • preparation of a detailed agenda
  • recruitment and support of speakers
  • preparation and administration of invitation and distribution lists
  • recruitment of external service providers for simultaneous interpretation
  • organization of catering
  • preparation of conference material
  • ongoing reporting on the progress of the event planning

Trade Shows

We arrange the following for you:

  • identification of suitable trade shows
  • complete organization of trade shows
  • locating of a booth or pavilion
  • equipment of booth or pavilion with technology, furniture and marketing material
  • liaison to trade show organizers
  • presence during the trade show
  • information on trade show presence of competitors


Our services are comprised of the following:

  • preparation of a comprehensive schedule including recommendations of places to visit, interlocutors and social program
  • preparation of briefing documents for delegation members
  • oral briefings of delegation members
  • support of delegations during their stay in Germany or the USA
  • hotel reservations for delegation members
  • ongoing reporting on the progress of the preparation of the delegation visit

Executive Search

We support you as follows:

  • acquisition of management personnel in case of greenfield developments and relocations to Germany
  • search on the basis of your specifications
  • direct addressing of potential candidates
  • evaluation of applications
  • execution of initial interviews
  • continuous reporting on the progress of the search process
  • recommendation of several top-candidates for each position
  • preparation of executive profiles



  • business correspondence
  • contracts
  • job advertisement
  • forms
  • internet content
  • manuals
  • flyers