Question: Why should I pursue my objectives with budig | Consulting?
Answer: Because we are the only company which is exclusively specialized in trade and investment issues in the U.S.-German context. Our specialization, scope of services and entrepreneurial approach make us unrivaled.

Question: What qualifies you to lead me to success?
Answer: My abilities, skills, and experiences resulting from 16 years of successful promotion of U.S. interests in Germany.

Question: How can your business model be summarized in five words?
Answer: Specialized, individual, customized, independent and personal.

Question: What significance do cultural differences have in business relations with Germany? How do you accommodate this in your work?
Answer: Cultural differences between the USA and Germany are significant and are often underestimated. This can lead to complications and even failure of business engagements. I am familiar with U.S. business practices. As a native German I have intimate knowledge of German cultural intricacies. I routinely interact with German decision makers relevant to your endeavors and therefore have the practical experience and skills to lead your projects to success.

Question: What ensures that my goals enjoy the necessary attention?
Answer: We only handle few clients at a time in order to guarantee that each customer and project receives the proper attention. If the workload does not allow for additional projects, new mandates are either declined or accepted at a later stage.

Question: Your firm is located in Bremen, Germany. Is that a disadvantage in terms of catering to your American customers and building personal relationships with them?
Answer: It is not. The bulk of the work gets carried out in Germany. Typically, initial contact to U.S. clients gets established via phone, Skype, or at a trade shows. Once serious interest in engaging into a business relationship is established, or a contract closed, travel to the USA is not an issue. The same principle applies during ongoing projects.

Question: Why should I close a deal with you rather than turning to chambers of commerce associations, governmental authorities, or semi-governmental agencies?
Answer: Because we drive your projects forward by providing individual, customized and personal services, as well as a one-stop-shopping experience, as opposed to rendering selective, standardized and initial contact only.

Question: How do you work on our behalf?
Answer: In a highly personal fashion in meetings with the pre-eminent interlocutors. Many of those are personally known to me for a long time.

Question: Do the issues listed under “Services” on your webpage constitute a conclusive  enumeration?
Answer: No. The list entails the services generally rendered. Other services are also provided.

Question: Is it possible to entrust you with the task of interim manager during the initial phase  of a newly established business venture in Germany?
Answer: Yes, generally this is possible.

Question: Do your services also include legal advice?
Answer: No. However, based on our experience and in order to give you some direction we can point out legal aspects that are generally important. We can refer you to specialized solicitors who are part of our network.


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